Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well fiscal year anyway. Isn't is a glorious return to the abbreviated work week? How much do you think will get done with what for all purposes, is a week with 2 fridays? Oh well. The good news is this. Its been really quite the past few weeks. Thats good. But the hot stuff aint here yet...also I know all of you are hot about the Civil Rights Act anny today, but remember a president was shot on this day also...This is freakin scary. I'll have the cougar...and say what you will about the O's, but this game was a good one. Actually they played that whole series well, and against one of the best teams in baseball. Hey I aint saying they are in the playoffs or anything, but they are playing fundamental sound ball, and they are playin respectable ball. Ask that catcher how he feels. Mora thumped his ass. And even tho they lost, it was a great ending to the game. I was on my feet all juiced up. Props to the O's for not rollin over. Trembley (sp?) has them playing good. Keep it up. I like this guy. He aint no push over...and when it comes to Bush, he makes me say wtf a lot, but wtf?

Alright boys and girls. Roll out and do some work. Peace.


o w grant said...

Wit, I miss your poetry. I love being greeted in the morning with the beautiful observations that you set to pen (or blog).

TomCat said...

Really Wit, give us something good, fireworks, freedom something! We are suffering Haiku withdrawal here!