Friday, July 6, 2007

Humans and how long we been hangin around...

Here is an article in the Scotsman that bears some fruit to the argument that humans have been hanging out and building shinizzle longer than most of us think. Modern veins of thought would have us believe the Egyptians rose out of the desert plains in Africa and *pow* build the pyramids. WTF? SO in the blink of an eye, humans went from hunter gatherer to engineers of great worth. Where's the in between? I have the feeling that humans were more advanced than we give ourselves credit for. And we have been that way for thousands of years.

Either way, the article states

Jayne Lawes, the director of excavations, said: "This excavation has proved conclusively that the stone enclosure is man made and similar in construction to others of the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age.

"The actual date of the construction has yet to be proved, though one shard of pottery has been found buried under 60cm of peat on the floor of the enclosure and should help to provide evidence of a date when the site was in use."

John Holbourn, a Bacas member from Wiltshire, said: "The alignment of the stone ring to the midwinter sunrise is of real significance.

See that would be right about 3500 BC at the latest, which is the same time Egyptians started their great building endeavors. Was this a shared technology? Who taught these folks how find the midwinter sunrise? And this was way up in Scotland, a far cry from the deserts of Egypt, were humans learning the same things at the same rate all over the planet without and contact with other groups learning and applying the same theories? Who really knows the story of the human past?

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