Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How effing good was Walt Whitman? Read this snippet.

Liberty is poorly served by men whose good intent is quelled from one failure or two failures or any number of failures, or from the casual indifference or ingratitude of the people, or from the sharp show of the tushes of power, or the bringing to bear soldiers and cannon or any penal statutes. Liberty relies upon itself, invites no one, promises nothing, sits in calmness and light, is positive and composed, and knows no discouragement.

Pretty damn good. Check out that Walt Whitman link I got over there. Its all online and free to view. Mad versions of Leaves of Grass and a bunch of other stuff you wouldn't think of.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Being happy with life.

Man what a beat down of a weekend. My baby girl came down with some mild to bad cold slash virus, by that I mean it started out looking like a cold and ended up looking like the flu, on Saturday and basically I have been on her since. No sleep, well about 7 hours over 3 days. Makes you on edge. I have been downing caffinated beverages to keep me going. To top it off I had my first test last night. Couldn't really study for it because of caring for the family. But I feel okay with what I did. Its not like I haven't been in a tough history class before. So whats that got to do with being happy?

No matter what time I spend with my daughter, sick or otherwise, its a happy time. I know I will not get to spend days like that with her all the time so it make me happy to be with her. Especially when she needs it most. I like the fact she likes to hang out with others, but when she feels like crap, its mommy and daddy that make her feel the best. Still it breaks the heart to see your child suffer. But its part of the growing process.

I went to chill with my friend last night after class cause I drank a big ass coffee to keep me up throught my test. Mistake, maybe. It all depends on how I did on the test. But I digress, my firend was happy cause he and this other dude kooked up to play some metal. THey had never play together before and they minced no words. Dude came over, plugged in his amp and my guy got on his drums and they let er rip. See they both are in bands that play regular gigs, but the other band mates dont like metal. WTF? How can you not like metal? Anyway like they say, you can play something you don't like, but you can tell you dont like it cause you dont play it like you like it. Get it? Anyway they shredded it and it was cool to see it click. Drimmer fed the groove and guitar guy would play the chords, FAST. The kid is good. So I can wait to see them put it together with this other cat and play it somewhere. Fun stuff. And it makes them happy.

Alright amigos, be good and do good works.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Pre-history is where its at. Someday this will explain dragons, aliens, Atlantis, and God.

Alright, I saw this on Yahoo news this morning and went digging to see whats up. When I was bloggin back in the day, I got the idea to write about these wrtched thoughts I have about prehistory. See after all I have read on the subject, after reading all the "time lines" everyone has figured out, after observing human behavior, I just can't rest on the conclusions some of the people out there are making. I believe human civilization is longer and more storied than any of us think. We were incredibly advanced in the past, advancded enought to be able to circumnavigate the globe or at least cross the oceans to other continents. The problem is how to prove all this. It was hard to delete the first blog cause there was many of a article on there like this one that I was going to use in building my case.

For example, look at the above mentioned article. Its saying that these "Cloivis pointed" arrowheads technonlgy was wround longer or spread more rapidly that human growth would have. That means the populaitons were already in place. This part of the world has had inhabitants longer that we previously thought. What'd you think, millions of years of nothing, then blam the Great Pyramids of Giza are built? It doesn't happen that way. Things like math and geometry have to be thought out and proven long beofre they are put to the test like they are in building very large structures. I think the window is the last 100,000 years. There was an iceage in that era we need to understand more of. It was responsible for what happened to humans years in the past. Which leads to the next quesiton. Wheres the proof? Underwater. More to come later.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Once again, creatures of the deep amaze.

Yahoo news had this article up today. How freakin amazing is that. Go read the article and check out the slideshow they got. That copyright infringed photo there is but a taste of what they got. Man that thing is big. See Stack knows how bad ass whales are, but think about this, whales eat things like this monster. The giant squid has done in a whale or two also, but they both are super badasses from the deep. See how little we really know about the space around us.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Egyptian dribble...

Check out this link for a weak write up. Gotta post the credit. The big news is how intact these sarcophagi are. And while this will teach us more about the Middle Kingdom, I don't care. Its just awe that something like this can survive thousands of years and be in this condition. And just when you think the field of Egyptology has produced just about all it can!

What up my amigos.

Just some update info. Got some new links up. Just places I remembered from past experiences. If you get the time check out Margaret Cho's blog. Always a good read.

Sorry for the lack of depth in posting of late. I am in the throes of Grad school and have to use my time wisely. Expect some weird WWI stuff and some short choppy stuff that I link to.

What the fuck is up with Brit? That bitch went and shaved her head and now you can buy that shit online? What the fuck am I missing here? This is a skanky white trash ho bag? Why are we so obsessed? Sure she was the mental picture for millions of masturbating teen dudes, but those days are over girl. Get your shit together and mother those 2 kids you have. Buck up you spoiled, rich, white girl. There is little sympathy for you in the public eye.

All right, looks like Joe "I want to kick someone's ass to get some respect" Albero has started over again. Salisbury News has a new look. Still he is the same neo fascist running the show. Don't try to comment, JA will delete you to make himself feel more secure about his sexuality.

Monday, February 19, 2007

"It'll be a beautiful child, it has genetics in its favor."

Ya think?!?

I tell ya, you watch something like Logans Run and Gattica again, and you think these would be the kids they want to keep. What if it came out and looked ordinary? Even that would be irony.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Thats what I'm talkin about....


I like it. It would make me feel better about buying gas that doesn't recycle my money back into the pockets of the House of Saud. Seriously, this is something that should catch on.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Here's the link. That is love. Preserved for thousands of years. Beautiful isn't it?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Think babies are made over the Superbowl?

Its a question worth pondering. What about the Dayton 500? You know some necks get their groove on if little E wins. Check out this article.
World Cup baby boom

The World Cup has caused a baby boom in Germany.

German maternity wards have reported they are fully booked and having to arrange beds in other wards to accomodate all the women expecting babies in April.

Midwife Barbara Freischuetz from Cologne said: "The women say that the baby is a souvenir from the World Cup. A product of the euphoria from the tournament."

Most women who are expecting sons are planning to call them Lukas, Bastian and Michael.

Midwife Doris Zeiselmeier from Munich said: "All the maternity courses are totally booked out."

I don't know. Lookin at football, the whole country doesn't get all frisky if the Ravens win the Superbowl, but those maternity wards in B-more would probably be busier than normal that following December. But a whole country gettin it on? I guess futbol is some powerful stuff. Now if they could get that in a bottle...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

10 acre UK Munitions warehouse

Re: 10 acre warehouse of UK artillery ord.

Pock marks from Artillery

Re:The artillery pocked banks of the river Yser.


Re:German 17cm gun on rail mount. The recoil would propel the carriage 100 feet down the siding.

Producing Armaments

Re: armaments factory in UK 1910.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

When the left runs wild....

I understand the concept of this action, but is it really needed? Isn't there other ways to fight the good fight? This is straight out of a sci fi novel from the 50's or like Logan's Run. What was that other flick? Gattica? I think it was. Still check out this line
Under the initiative, marriage would be limited to men and women who are able to have children. Couples would be required to prove they can have children in order to get a marriage license, and if they did not have children within three years, their marriage would be subject to annulment.

All other marriages would be defined as "unrecognized" and people in those marriages would be ineligible to receive any marriage benefits.

Its so damn crazy, it may work.

Monday, February 5, 2007

I like sex and coffee....

Now this gal has figured out a sure fire way to sell the hell out of some coffee. You can read the entire article from the LA Times here. This is the coffee stop for the man who didn't get enough of the strip club over the weekend. Its kind of like having an additction and this is the morning weening off the booty. Like one last look at the booty until the end of the day, or if you look like the dude in the truck in one of the other photos, maybe your only look at booty that day. This could backfire tho, these cats might spend all their titty bar money on coffee! Oh the tragedy. Still this is a good example of that American working class spirit. Like Flashdance for coffee lovers. Or something like that. My favorite line from the article
In a way, it is perhaps stunning that it took so long for entrepreneurs here to figure out that coffee, the fabled Seattle obsession, mixes very well with sex, the fabled human obsession.

How true.

Anyway, for those who know, my birthday was this past weekend and for those who know me even better than those who know, know that I could care less about my birthday. Got all that? Well my wife out did herself this year. She got in cohoots with my family and they bought me a flat screen high def tv. WTF? Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, but its just my birthday folks. I don't know. I get all weirded out when people go through such lengths to do stuff for me. But after dealing with my guilt, I got over it pretty fast when watching the Superbowl in high def. IT IS THE SHIT! Straight up. I am an addict. I love to watch sports anyway, but this is sooooo where its at for a sports fan. Bring on March Maddness. I think I might be sick around 03/15/07....and that illness could linger on for a couple of days...

Alright, got my second class tonight. Got to get some work done. Good to hear from some of you locals out there. And SSR, you need to come back. Don't let an idiot like Albero run you.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Holy shit, people actually read this shit! Greetings peeps.

I was curious to see who reads this blog, cause in reality it was created for like 3 people. I just wanted to let my friends in on what I was up to. See most of whom I consider friends havev moved all over the freakin country and I can't balme them for that shit. Its not like there are an abundant bunch of opportunities around here for some on with a graphic design degree. But I digress, I went in for the first time in and looked at the tracking stats and I am blown away. There are actually people out there that have came back to this blog 57 times in the past month to read what I write. I am sorry because I fell I have fooled you. I am not much of a blogger. I am basically a history nerd who reads way to much. Especially now I am a grad student, you are going to see some really dry and boring shit here. There will be the same old same old too, just some odd boring stuff to. I have no real idea what I am trying to say here. Its 4:30 on a Friday and I want to get the hell out of here.

So all you peeps checkin this blog out, put in some imput as to what you like. I am curious as to why you come back. I'm talkin to you Predue worker, DM Medical Billing worker, some guy from China, and that one person from the UK. And everyone else that passes through, nice to meet ya.

Now I am off to enjoy this weekend. Superbowl and birthday. I will raise a mug of cold ale and think of all of you. Peace out amigos.


Vatican officals are said to be disgusted after Jesus fancy dress kits went on sale in Italy.

The £8.40 party pack also contains a plastic crown of thorns and a false beard.

Vatican priest Father Vittorino Gorss said: "This is an insult and blasphemous to millions of believers."

One shopkeeper selling the kit in the build up to Lent said: "I can't see what the problem is. It's only a wig and beard."

Christianity is getting to be some preverse cross between Halloween and Christmas. I don't know, if the big churches can turn a buck in the name of Christ, why can't these street peddlers? Didn't JC get booted from that temple for throwin money around? If JC were to come back, and thats possible cause he did that once already, and saw how much money is intertwined in his religion, he would be disgusted at all of them, not just Joe Street Vendor trying to make a buck at Lent.

Subject: Allied Forces working a machine gun.

Remember Sid? You more punk than me man?

On this day in 1979, Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious dies of a heroin overdose in New York. His death came just one day after he was released from prison on bail after his arrest on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend.

The Sex Pistols were formed in 1975 by Malcolm McLaren, owner of a counterculture boutique in London who wanted to create a band that would challenge norms of acceptable behavior. Accordingly, the Sex Pistols' live performances were fraught with foul language and a rebellious energy that drew a large following even before they released their first single, "Anarchy in the U.K.," in 1977.

Okay, we can give them credit for opening up the punk scene, but was Nevermind the BUllocks...really that great of an album? I don't know. I guess I have heard to much punk in my day. Maybe I can't appreciate the back in the day punk. Who fuckin cares anyway. Its all punk anyway right? Whatever.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Primary Documents: Crown Prince Rupprecht on the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916

Statement from Sept 15th 1916...

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, September 9th, 10th, and 11th marked the culmination thus far of the first desperate effort of the Entente to force our positions. My officers will tell you the result as we on this side see it. Our losses in territory may be seen on the map with a microscope. Their losses in that far more precious thing - human life - are simply prodigious.

Amply and in full coin have they paid for every foot of ground we sold them. They can have all they want at the same price.

Primary Document.
Subject: Supporting effectivness of machine guns in defensive battle positons.

The Efficiency of Defense.

World War One changed how war is waged. The art of defense had combined with the might of modern industrialization to produce devastating results on the battlefield. The men fighting in the Great War had weapons at thier disposal that armies of even a hundred years ago couldn't imagine. The airplane, the submachine gun, the submarine are a few examples of weapons created and implemented during the war or in the years preceding the war.

Subject: Us Machine gun position