Monday, May 21, 2007

An exciting development in prehistory...

Those who have read the crap I spew for the past 3 or 4 years online have become familiar with my facination with prhistory. I honestly believe that we have not seen the whole picture. There is much missing from the story of man. Regardless of what the bible thumpers want you to believe about how long that planet has been here, man has existed for longer than a mere 5000 years. We got the bones! And they are tens of thousands years old. Anyway people can ingnore the past or try to figure it out. That said, read on.

I have theorized before that there modern humans have been roaming the earth for about 100,000 years. After reading about the bottleneck thoery, it got me to thinking, we could have lost a huge chunk of our history to a cataclysmic change and not even know it cause it happened so long ago. See if humans have been in the shape you look at in the mirror every morning for 100,000 years, the learning curve couldn't have took that long to develop. Think about it. Your telling me that humans thought about how to make a better spear for 90,000 years before they built the pyramids? Bullpucky. Something else happened. The only problem is, there were a bunch of things that had to be explained.

One of the hotly debated points in prehistory is what happened to stone age in America? He just up and disappeared. And thats saying something cause these boys knew how to hunt. Mammoths. Big game. With spears. Fierce and savage stuff. Anyway no one can agree on why they went away. Some say famine, some say they were conquered, some say a natural disaster, and now there is a big push in climate change did them in. All of it is hard for me to buy.

The second thing that is really debated in the prehistoric world is the disappearance of the mammoths themselves. They were plentiful. What happened to them?

The third is the sudden cooling of the planet. This period is known as the Younger-Dryas period and it basically talks about an abrupt climate change. During that time, about 12,000 years ago, things were happening. We were coming out of an iceage, but not all the way out. Still it was cool yall.

So whats the excitment? this article in the Guardian. It is exciting as all get out because it shows possible explantations to all 3 events that have up till this point, have been hard to explain. It makes sense. See humans like ot live near the coast. We always have. It make life easier. Anyway, if this comet torched the ice on the ground and the glaciers, the fast melting action would have flooded the planets coast, not allowing the present population to escape to higher ground. Many of prehistoric man would have died, leaving a small group to repopulate, the bottleneck theory. It makes sense. I can't wait to see what's next.

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