Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Space....the final frontier....

Look up sometime, you may see some crazy shinizzle. This here picture was taken over France when the ISS passed close to Venus. I still haven't found this little fucker in the sky yet, and I think the 8 year old across the street has. WTF? Damn nerdy kids. I mean I was a nerd, and I can't outnerd this bitch? I guess todays nerds are better than previous editions. Kinda like everything else.

The real news in space yesterday was this. Thats the NASA link and its fabulous. That bright little sucker is 240 million years away. That means it went nova 240 million years ago. That was pointed out for all you creationist out there that think the universe is only 5000 years old. Have you ever heard a more ludicris argument. SOME people will believe anything. Evangicals have good intentions, but they are still sheep. I need some free thinkers around me. I know the whole hell thing and all that, blah blah blah. All I am saying is this star exploded 240 million years ago during the Permian period and that was longer that 5000 years ago so thats a big fat whole in your creaionist argument. So lets hear it bitches.

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o w grant said...

What a beautiful Picture! The Universe is a remarkable thing, especially when we don't try to cram it into any limited human dogma.

People juat won't admit that they can't fit God into a box, and pass Him out to the faithful on Sunday.