Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This is how China will be kicking our asses in the future...

Take a quick read of this article in the BBC about China launching a Nigeria communications satillite into orbit. But notice how they mention that Nigeria also contracted the satellite to be built by them. I have had this disagreement with many people about our economy and why it sucks giant balls right now. Not only is launching the it, they built it too. This would not have happened 20 years ago. If the US wan't building it, they were launching it. It has been in the last 15 o 20 years our space program has had real competition in securing these kinds of contracts from countries like Nigeria. We are moving closer and closer to being a country that is sustained by selling services and not tangible goods. See while our factories are being retrofitted or closed altogether, China has dumped billions into building a manufacturing factories that are quality. They should be, they got the Germans to build them. Germans are a precision oriented people. They pay more for things because the expect them to be of a better quality. There is value in what they build. It was amazing to live in Germany because you got to see all the things they have built that have survived 2 World Wars and some harsh winters and that stuff is still standing. You could feel the history around you. But I digress, look out for China. They hold something like 12% of our debt and they have the receipe for an explosive economy. Which I will remind you has grown at like 11% the last few years. Unreal. What are clipping along at? 3% if we are lucky? No wonder I feel so freakin broke.

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