Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean and Tropical Depression Erin Update.

Alright my fellow readers, here it comes in plain terms...first lets get down with TD Erin... As you can see, TD Erin reformed and intensified over Oklahoma saturday, which is a weird event for a storm like this. Erin is a killer, she dumped 11 inches of rain and caused flooding which is being blamed for at least 13 deaths. She has since broken up but still is showering what ever ends up under her. Lesson here is even though it aint a hurricane, you need to pay attention to it. Tropical depressions and storms can generate an incredible amount of rain fall in a short time span opening the door to flash floods and fast moving water. Powerful stuff. Okay lets look at whats going on with Hurricane Dean.... Here is a shot of Dean from space, actually taken from the shuttle. Beautiful aint it? Don't fall inlove with him tho- he's a killer too. He is a NHC sat shot as of this morning.
Dean has done some damage to Jamaica, Jeff Masters estmates about 1 billion and since he is the weather bomb, I believe him. Last week everything we were looking at said Dean would probably be a cat 2 or a weak 3 and look at it now. Freakin strong and probably gonna get stronger cause its heading over some of the hottest water out there. Look out cat 5 here we come. Keep an eye on both of these weather patterns to see where they go and what happens with them. Where ever they end up, they will still have the ability to dump a lot of water on you. Have a good day!

All information is gathered from Jeff Masters Weather blog and The National Hurricane Center.

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