Friday, August 3, 2007

You know I used to skate, but I would never have tried this ramp. EVER.

See this whole mega ramp idea should have been quashed from the start. The only person that can deal with it on a daily basis is Bob Burnquist. And if you don't know who Bob Burnquist is, you ain't no skater. Burnquist is beyond the shit. He and Tony Hawk are it. Hawk is probably the most prolific skater ever, the Jordan of his sport, but Burnquist has done shit on a skateboard that redefines reality. Burnquist invented mega ramp skating. He dropped in a ramp from a helicopter. He did a grind into the Grand Canyon for cryin out loud. So when I see some one like Jake Brown bite it as hard as he did last night, the only thing I can say is he is no Bob Burnquist. But the mega ramp is where skating is goin and if you want to be the man, you have to beat the man. Kudos to you Jake Brown, I hope you get better soon. And keep trying man, I admire you for your spirit. I was incredibly shocked that you got up and walked away from this.

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