Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Amazing what a lack of TV will do for your kids.....

Supermarket eggs hatched

A ten-year-old Devon girl has hatched two chicks - from eggs bought at her local supermarket.

Jessica Sansom, 10, put two of the organic eggs in an incubator the family had used to hatch geese and hens on their farm.

A month later she watched the yellow chicks - which she named Splish and Splosh - appear, reports the Sun.

Jessica, of Ilfracombe, said: "I wanted to see what would happen and mum said it might work - and it did. They are the cutest ducks ever."

Mum Elizabeth, 53, who paid £1.95 for the half-dozen eggs at Waitrose, said: "We ate four but Jessica wanted to save the last two to see what would happen.

"To everyone’s amazement it worked."

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