Monday, March 12, 2007

Cause you have to be sure...

Slobodan Milosevic's daughter Marija Milosevic has hired security guards to protect her father's body from vampire hunters.

The self-styled vampire hunters have already made one attempt at driving a wooden stake through the former dictator's heart to 'stop him returning from the dead'.

Milosevic is buried in the front garden of his former home in the northern Serbian town of Pozarevac.

His daughter Marija said local police had refused to act to protect the grave even though they knew it was being targeted.

The vampire hunters' first attempt failed after they drove the stake into the ground without digging up the coffin, and missed the heart.

Vampire hunter Miroslav Milosevic said they believed the spirit of the former dictator could return to haunt the country if the ritual was not performed.

Slobodan Milosevic died on March 11, 2006, while on trial before a UN war crimes tribunal for his role in the 1990s break-up of the former Yugoslavia.

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auctionblockhead said...

You know, if I knew vampires existed, was a vampire hunter and I had to guess as to who was a card-carrying member of "hominus nocturnus" this guy would be on my list. And did I see that the guy with itchy steak-finger was a Milosovic? Maybe milosovic is like the serbian version of Smith or Jackson, but if these guys are related maybe its all for the best this stiff get steaked.