Thursday, March 1, 2007

Beer swillin duck understands chinese. Yep you read that right.

A Chinese man says his beer-drinking pet duck can understand him.

Grandpa Cao takes six-year-old Yaya for a walk through Dalian city every day, reports Northeast News Network.

"He understands every instruction I give him, such as to tumble or to fly. But when he's tired he turns his back on me," says Cao.

He feeds Yaya on peanuts mainly, but says he also enjoys shrimp and other sea food as snacks - with a beer.

"When he eats, he needs a bowl of beer, otherwise he won't be happy," added Cao.

Hey when I eat I need a bowl of beer too. Not having my beer in a bowl would make me happy too. I think we should get this duck on the Chinese team for Beerfest. Lets see what hes really made of. DAS BOOT DAS BOOT DAS BOOT DAS BOOT!

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Pat said...

The Chinese guy who has a dog that can go buy a sausage when it's hungry was pretty cool too. Apparently the dog can even tell when it gets the correct change.