Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the man on the scene...

Interesting article here about an ancient eruption that took place in the 17th century BC. Its important because a diaster like this would have killed many. Could have set back the human race. Still there is Dr. Hawass on the scene being the man. Pointin and directing. Hell he just opened a new field of Egyptology with this nugget of info. Like EF Hutton, or in the cas ZH Hawass speaks and everyone listens. This guy may be the Egyptian with the most international face time on publications today. Dude is everywhere. Anyway check the article if you like, its another piece of the prehistory puzzle.


Howard said...

Dr Hawass is everywhere. There is not an Egyptian news article he doesn't have his photo in. Over at Egypt Daily News he has at least one photo in every edition. He more concerned with publicity than Joe Albero.

auctionblockhead said...

Zahi Hawass is without a doubt a rock-star in the world of Archeology.
***NEWSFLASH to Dr. Hawass***
Only Indiana Jones could get away with these sort of shananigans without deminishing his credibitlity as a scientist. You know, considering he wasn't really a scientist - hell, he wasn't even real! The deserts of northern Africa and the middle east will continue to reveal and to teach to us more about our past that can be calculated. It's the desert mang, it'ss hot, it's dry and it has a million places to hide stuff that will survive for as long as the sands do. Too bad we have this napoleanic despot of history to fudge it all up like keith richards at a wedding shower.