Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is a classic.

Check out this AP article about a goodin drunkin German. I loved it when I lived in Germany and would get buttass wasted. It was always an adventure trying to get home. I never figured out why until I read this article. It was always freakin cold. The summers were great but that shit lasted like 3 months if that and it was gone. And I mean gone. Anyway this is a great read...
BERLIN — An early-morning German bank customer had a bit of a shock when he found a horse already in line at the automatic teller machine in front of him. It seems the horse's owner, identified only as Wolfgang H., had a bit too much to drink the night before and decided to sleep it off inside the bank's heated foyer, police said Tuesday.

The 40-year-old machinist told Bild newspaper he had had "a few beers" with a friend in Wiesenburg, southwest of Berlin, and decided to hit the hay in the bank on his way home.

"It was late, it was already dark and cold," he was quoted as saying.

Confronted with the lack of a hitching-post, he brought the 6-year-old horse, named Sammy, in along with him.

When a customer came across the horse and sleeping rider in the bank at 4:15 a.m. Monday, he called police, who then came and woke the owner up and sent him on his way.

No charges were filed, but there might be some cleanup needed: Apparently Sammy made his own after-hours deposit on the carpet.

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sparkly1 said...

The horse resembles Mr. Ed, don't you agree?