Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring time sure makes people crazy.

Is more proof needed other than this and this? I mean come on 3 days apart? In the spring?

I dont know. No of it makes any sense. And I know thats been said a million times. But what else descibes that? I mean besides selfish, arrogant, demented, etc. etc. We know how to descibe it. The media makes sure to throw plenty of colorful and descriptive words at us for these times. But seriously trying to explain it? Good luck. Its all about the mind is my guess. Its apparent where the influences come from. Video games, movies, media, porn, tv, pretty much any where you turn your eyes. And that list is in no particular order. Its just everywhere. Weak minds can't keep that shit off them for long. Eventually you buy into it and that changes everything. Shit we all bought some fantasy at some point. I used to think I was Han Solo or even better Indiana Jones. Then when I got my license, I used to think I was racing when driving. Better yet, all those years of playing GI Joe in the woods convinced my ass to join the Army. I dont know. Its easy to be influenced, its easy to get emotionally scared by love rejected, but we get over that shit. We, as humans, are a resilient bunch of fuckers. Storms tear our homes to the ground, we rebuild on the same fucking spot and say "bring that shit to me again man!". Thats just what we do. But to walk around taking others lives because your girly is giving you grief? That's some selfish weak minded shit.

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Anonymous said...

You make a great point. Springtime does make us crazy. I continually tried to make some sence of this when it hit the news and was on every channel. The most profound conclusion I made was that there really is no wonder why we have the "spring-fever" archetype in our culture. Not only have we been couped up all winter, but spring can be a horribly stressful time of year. Taxes, graduations, tuition dues, finals, term papers, planning the summer off for the kids, a couple of major holidays, weddings and births are just a few of the stresses that come with spring.