Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Great Tennessee Marijuana Cave.

Read this article with pictures. Unfreakin real. That is some mondo work there boys and girls. How the fuck did they hide the electric bill? Unreal. Millions and millions of dollars made there.

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auctionblockhead said...

You know the problem with the black market is that it cannot enjoy the benefits of the free market we have created. There's little-to-no competition that's encouraged, consumer protection groups don't exist not to mention all the unscrupulous activities that go on. Yes, I know that is a basic definition of a black market but law and order has failed forever to eliminate this phenom. I weep at the resources squandered to set up this "cave" and the subsequent resources used to shut it down not to mention the moneys involved in prosecution and punishment of the people involved. And all for what? now that its on the internet I'm betting diamonds to donuts that at least 10 people have either begun to create something similar or saw something to improve their existing operation.