Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hurricane Season 2008

Alright, I know that the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season doesn't kick off until June 1st, but the eastern pacific starts on may 15th, so lets get it on. It was this late Nor'easter that got me thinkin about the upcoming tropical storm season and how I should be getting my supplies in order. Update, rotate, and inventory. So if you don't have a list, this is from the NHC website. It is a good start. Don't forget batteries. But if you want to get all hardcore on me and got with the crack radio/weather band, I got no problems with that. And all my amigos that relocated to the Carolinas, they don't call your hockey team the Hurricanes for nothin.

Water - at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days

Food - at least enough for 3 to 7 days
— non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices
— foods for infants or the elderly
— snack foods
— non-electric can opener
— cooking tools / fuel
— paper plates / plastic utensils

Blankets / Pillows, etc.

Clothing - seasonal / rain gear/ sturdy shoes

First Aid Kit / Medicines / Prescription Drugs

Special Items - for babies and the elderly

Toiletries / Hygiene items / Moisture wipes

Radio - Battery operated and NOAA weather radio

Telephones - Fully charged cell phone with extra battery and a traditional (not cordless) telephone set

Cash (with some small bills) and Credit Cards - Banks and ATMs may not be available for extended periods


Toys, Books and Games

Important documents - in a waterproof container or watertight resealable plastic bag
— insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security card, etc.

Tools - keep a set with you during the storm

Vehicle fuel tanks filled

Pet care items
— proper identification / immunization records / medications
— ample supply of food and water
— a carrier or cage
— muzzle and leash

And here is your sunrise on the eastern seaboard and all points south. Good cloud spread out there. I ain't gonna lie to you, I am eagerly anticipating this season. I think its gonna be active. Look at the plethora of natural disasters going on right now. Earthquakes in China, cyclones in Burma, the Tampa Bay Rays in first place, tornadoes in Virginia, all over the world we are seeing what humans have witnessed through out time- a violent planet. And we are just along for the ride. So you better get ready, cause thats all you can really do at this point. Peace out, enjoy this fabulous sunny 77 degree day on Delmarva peeps.

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Anonymous said...

hurricanes, make for great surfing! who needs cali or hawaii! hahaha

Raleigh Ralph