Monday, May 5, 2008

I wept for Eight Belles.

Oh how fast the emotions can turn on you. One second your watching a great finish, the next your crying for a horse that gave us the race of her life. Yeah yeah, Big Brown lived up to the hype. He has that kick. All that. But that will never be the story of the 134th Kentucky Derby. It was Eight Belles. No one gave this filly a chance. Most people said she wouldn't even board. I heard most people write her off saying she never ran with the boys. I guess they thought she would be scared or couldn't hang. But once the gates opened and they hit the 1/2 mile, she was right there with the speed guys trying to push the edge. And as they came around the final turn, Eight Belles hit it. She pushed herself hard than her body would allow. As Big Brown kicked in his gear and hauled ass, Eight Belles was right there. And she beat, out classed, and flat out out ran the other 18 horses that couldn't handle her speed. Little did we know she was pounding the bones in he legs past the breaking point. She ran the race of her life. She gave her life to run that race. It was heartbreaking to watch as she collapsed in the turn. You just knew something was wrong. And minutes later she was put down. Going out on the field of competition. She was a great filly and ran the greatest race I think I have ever seen from a horse. Nothing compares to that effort. She wanted to catch Big Brown so bad she pushed herself beyond her limits.

So where does that leave her? She ran the 5th best derby for a filly in all of the 134 years of it running, hell maybe 4th, depends on where that other #2 finished. Three fillies have won it, and one other filly finished second, Eight Belles being one of the seconds. I always have a soft spot for the phillies. So when runs the derby, I keep an eye on them. Damn she was a beautiful horse. Ran such a good race. She showed what the heart of a champ is.

Eight Belles, you will always be remembered.


Anonymous said...

All I could think about while watching this unfold was Dan Folgleberg's "Run for the Roses". She certainly did that.

BeckEye said...

That was sad.

I bet on the other favorite, Colonel John, and he was nowhere to be found!

kaylynuke said...

I do not watch horse racing. These sorts of cruelties bother me. This was more than likely a man made atrocity--the steroids that make the bones brittle, the breeding for speed which ends up making their legs too thin to run like need to do to win... It's too sad for me.