Sunday, May 4, 2008

Poems from the commons.

I have been writing poems on and off for over 15 years now. I have always like to write and once I got into the arts of efficiency, poems seemed a natural avenue to explore. So after years of scribbling words in notebooks, I have decided to go digital. I used to fancy the idea of publishing a book, but that just seems lame for some reason. Plus no one wants to publish that shit anyway. Trust me I know. After getting through university, I can handle the criticism, so let it flow. In truth, most of these are not polished works. They are first runs and unedited. So lets crank this party and get to it.

First up is Doodles. Enjoy.


Words on paper
so I see
writing to write
trying to be free.

Mind is open-
subject to talk.
argument seems the topic
so often discussed.

Prickly feelings all around,
sticky arguments simmering,
bubbling to the surface-
sad times for the clowns.

Boredom is eminent
all i can see
is cruel intent
on the horizon for me.

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