Friday, May 2, 2008

IRONMAN - a preview of thoughts. With Update!!!

(Update: Check out the youtube clip. Breaks it down nicely.)

Yahoo Trailers here. Alright, Ironman was not one of my must reads back in the day. When I was kickin it with the Marvel universe, it was Excalibur, X-men, Todd Mc's Spidey, and I had a thirst to read anything that was a solo adventure by a character. You know like the Wolverine miniseries, or the Nightcrawler mini. I just couldn't get into Ironman. I dig the character because he is as complex as anyone ever written. He is to the Marvel world what Batman is to the DC world. Rich undercover superhero with no real power other than a sharp mind, deep pockets, and a great cast of toys. So it was inevitable that Ironman was coming to the big screen. Its really doable as far as movies go. Like Spiderman would have looked like crap if it was made in 1993. You know what I mean? So I admit, I want to see this, but will I go out to the theater to see it? Maybe. I admit I am still looking past this to the 22nd when Indy 4 arrives. And there is the Kentucky Derby this weekend. I think some OTB maybe in order.

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BeckEye said...

I've got my Kentucky Derby pick - Colonel John all the way! In honor of JOHN Travolta and Michael JOHNs.