Thursday, May 15, 2008

Israel turns 60.

Thats your bit of history today. If you don't know anything about the brief history of Israel, well you aint gonna get it here today. If you want to know, start at Wikipedia for the vanilla version. I don't see the whole Israeli occupied territory and countless wars and incursion they have fought over the last 60 years anymore important than any other violent acts committed by any other sovereign state against another sovereign state. Who ever the Israelis fight its over the same shit everyone is fighting for: land or resources. You think that Israel cares about taking over all of Lebanon? Hell no, they just want enough of Lebanon to get access to more resources, you know farm land and rivers. If you don't think we will all be killing people over bottled water in the near future, you're in denial. Anyway happy birthday Israel. Try not to get trigger happy today.

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