Friday, February 16, 2007

Thats what I'm talkin about....


I like it. It would make me feel better about buying gas that doesn't recycle my money back into the pockets of the House of Saud. Seriously, this is something that should catch on.


Michael Swartz said...

Just for the record, we get only about 15% of our imported oil from Saudi Arabia - customarily our top two foreign suppliers are Canada and Mexico.

You can copy and paste this link, deleting spaces as needed:

This is the data from 2006.

No Sympathy said...

Actually 15% or not this would catch on.
Or maybe South American Dictatorless oil

Historical Wit said...

Yeah we try to diversify, and that 15% is down for the 20% it used to be.

JoeDirt said...

When you finally reach WWII let me know I have some pics for you!