Monday, December 17, 2007

From BBC NEWS, a science break through you can bank on.

Cha Ching! Now thats a break through. See I always think about shit thats way bigger than my brains comprehension. For example, one of my favorite things to imagine is what happens when universes meet? Can we really take the knowledge we know about the galaxy and use it to think about the universe. Most people assume they are one in the same. Hell most people don't give it as much thought as you have already by reading this. I mean two universes touch. Do sparks fly? Is there a collision of mass? Who the hell knows. Maybe someone better than me has the clue. Still I might solve that riddle, I am just stuck at that line of questioning right now. And way off target from my original thoughts. Damn it.

The link is to an article about some science guys who just happened to figure out how to move data from processor to processor by way of light and at a tenth of the power and a lot less heat. That is money baby. I used to wonder what other ways you could get a processor to run more effectively. I never put it to practical use, but liked to think about it. I always thought it would be the melting of water and a processor that would solve the colling issues and the medium of getting rid of copper. Water still has the complications of cooling, but I thought it could be more efficient than copper and air. Wrong element. Light is it baby. Bank on that. Life on the chip is getting small. Things are to close. Don't think I'm right. Read this. And thats from the guys who know.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Light to shrink computer clusters

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