Friday, December 21, 2007

Gifts and the wrappins.

I love it. This day is going about as smooth as a day with explosive shits. Yeah that is a stark assessment, but its a correct assessment. It doesn't matter. I got a phat 4 day weekend coming up and I get to see so fairly amusing stuff. See my wife has this talent for wrapping presents. Actually it extends to home decor all the way around, but lets focus on the holiday spirit shall we? See she takes plain craft paper and buys a bunch of different ribbons and tiny little decorations like sticky reindeer or snowmen. Then she goes to town. This year we got all the shopping done way before Christmas ever got here on us. Actually we were done before December got here, but I don't want to rub it in your face. Thats one of the presents there. How freaking killa does that look? Anyway the think I like is when we hand these out to people. The reactions are to funny. Some people hold the present for like 10 minutes and look at it. The best are the people who try to cut open the ends and slid the stuff out cause they don't want to hurt the paper. See that is the beauty of it. Its a beautiful present and it will ultimately have to be destroyed to live up to the promise of a gift. What is that old saying that there can't be any change without some destruction? Something about breaking some eggs to make an omelet? So that is my joy these next few days, going to watch people freak out over presents, drink cold beer with friends, and put on one hella Christmas for my daughter. Keep on rockin yall.


Anonymous said...

Well, how many eggs do you have to break to make that omelet?

All that wrapping paper looks like a large carbon footprint to me.


Are you buying carbon credits to offset all those trees that are being cut for that wrapping paper?

These are important questions in today's world. Several years ago the person asking them would be declared a lunatic!

Historical Wit said...

Actually I am a huge force in the Somerset Co. recycling program, so I off set the carbon footprint for more than one family. Plus the wrapping paper is made of a biodegradable plain brown paper, no crazy inks or anything like that.

Glad to see you are thinking green outraged one.