Monday, December 3, 2007

Jeff Masters Weather Blog, you gotta love this guy...

Wunder Blog : Weather Underground

Jeff Masters has a kickin weather blog. I read it all the time. He has a wrap up on the hurricane season over there that is worth reading. Go check it out if you got the time. I was ponderin the season this year and I was glad we got some tropical storms but no hurricanes here. I mean I was pretty well prepared, but I admit I let some shit slide. Life gets busy. Still it was disturbing to see how fast the storms formed this year. Felix and Humberto were flip shit crazy to watch go from toddler storms to freakin 340lb defensive ends dominating the line of scrimmage in like 54 hours. Makes you take notice. Well lets get on with winter. I want to see some snow!

I know I slacked in those waning months of the season, but I am looking for big storms here. I try to stay away from the normal weather updating. Thats what the internet is for. Plus unless its going to cause some emergency, I aint trying to cause a panic here. Sweet. Alright see you bunnies here next hurricane season.

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