Friday, December 28, 2007

Metal Fridays at work increase my productivity...

Straight up. See we got xm at work cause my boss has no problems with dumpin copious amounts of cash on technology. That is a perk about this small company I work for. So I got this kick ass flat screen monitor with the built in speakers so I can rock out all low volume at my desk. Right now I got Fade to Black from Metallica kickin it. I love it. See all week I am subjected to "The Blend" at work from the xm. Its like all the pop you didn't want. Every now and again something comes on that takes me back to the hinter lands of my mind, but they have an annoying habit of playing Fergie like 6 times a day or that Carrie Underwood song about a cheatin man. Which I can't say is all that bad, it really sounds like a country song cause there is revenge and property destruction and all that. But give me the rock and roll. It helps make Fridays better.

That and a good scan of the internet to keep the mind sharp. So I usually read through the day in history cause I am that guy. I guess it could be worse, I read about this guy who said he was addicted to porn and whacks off like 7 times a day. Dude, get some help. I mean how bad does that hurt? I bet home slice is permanently swollen. I got off track there cause that has nothing to do with what history tells us about today. See in 1981, Elizabeth Carr was born. She was the first test tube baby to be born. I guess people could see how uneventful that is, but I think otherwise. That event should be remembered as the point at which humans decided to take their own fate. It is the start of creating life that otherwise would not be created. What will that ever do to our races karma? How many geniuses will be born that otherwise would never have made it to the show? How many evil people with bad intentions make it to grand stage of life? I guess those are unfair questions. But still we are messing with things that change the course of natural events. Look at this technology way down the road, say like in a movie like The Matrix. Or if you will, like the Cylons in BSG. But that is getting into a conversation about cybernetics and artificial intelligence, which is a little off from test tube babies and cloning. It's all good though. Right now I got some old Tesla comin through the speakers. Hang Tough. This Yahoo Radio finds some stuff I never thought I would hear again, for better or worse. But back to the conversation at hand. Good will come from this technology. And bad. What gets me is the desire for the military to create a super soldier. You all think that is the stuff of science fiction, but we thought cloning was science fiction as recently as the 1970's. The super soldier myth has been around for decades: Captain America, Hitlers superior race, and that incredibly cheese flick with Van Damn and Lundgren, or even Rambo, but he aint genetically enhanced. Dude you are living with your head in the sand if you don't think the government wouldn't love an army with dudes like Wolverine who could heal and keep on fighting. That is the bitty of the situation. If the technology is available to the public, that means the military is basically done with it. Most of our inventions come from R & D of the military or NASA. The microwave, the computer, right down to those crazy shape forming beds which I read were really hot. Is there any truth to that? I would bet the military has been cooking up bodies in test tubes since the 40's. Who knows what they made. You know they got to fuckin around with genetics and tried to make a ape man or some shit like that. That is probably where the Mothman came from. Can't you see the rational? Whats strong? Bugs. Lets make a bug man. It went down something like that. I am sure of it.

That is why I think Ms. Carr's artificial birth canal life cycle should be remembered and celebrated for the turning point in history that it represents. The point where the public was allowed to start creating their own fates, their own deviations from natures course. It was the year that showed us there is no fate.

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