Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Looking around this holiday season, I see some stress leaking out from people. Why? Remember people, your not a consumer of Christmas, you are a festive member of the holiday spirit. Got it? Stop trying to buy every damn thing you touch. I know this falls on some deaf ears, but you gotta put it out there. You know? Probably not. Thats why you ass is still staking out the Kmart looking for a Wii. Well guess what, you probably will not get that Wii Mr. or Mrs. Poor Planner. BFD! Get over it. Save the Wii for a birthday. Still its a mentality that has crept deep into our collective psyche that we must by the biggest, best, better thing for Christmas. I would normally ask why, but we know why. Most of us are sheep, no lemmings being driven off the cliff. Cause thats what this crazy cycle of shit is. Who the fuck are you to go to blows with me over a fucking video game that your kid doesn't even want. Yes some kids in this country could give two shits about a stupid ass Wii. Frightening isn't it? You built up and put all this pressure on yourself to secure this great trophy of consumerism and it aint even going to be appreciated. And don't think it aint a trophy, cause it is. You buy that Wii and you carry it around like a virgin hunter with a 10 point buck on the hood of your family truckster. You show it to people before you wrap it. It becomes the trump card in conversation. I got so and so a Wii and you didn't. Nice fucking attitude for the holidays you pretentious mother fucker. See its not that anyone cares about you and your family, cause people generally care about other humans. Hell I changed a tire for a woman in distress yesterday. Did I ask for anything? No. Its when you rub it other faces about the material wealth your securing for yours and making others feel like a substandard turd cause they didn't get their kid a Wii. You know you can't buy redemption for all those sins you try to make up for during Christmas. You do know that right? Cause from my observations about the holidays this year it sure doesn't seem that fucking way. What the fuck happened to the other shit that we like about Christmas? The food, the family, the friends? Catching up on OTHERS lives and enjoying some good food? I guess all that shit has been sold down the river with the souls of the damned fools who feel they can buy Christmas. You want a good idea for a gift? Give someone some time and listen to what they got to say. Try it. You will find that people are dying for other people to pay attention to them. Merry Christmas.

Yes I have been posting less cause my ass is buried at work. Plus I am trying to write more quality and not so much volume of non opinionated cyber trash. So look for more harsh language and some not giving a fuck about shit from here on out.


Butterfly said...

great post mr. wit and i couldn't agree more with you.

happy holidays to you and your family :)

Bayboy said...

It is a great post!! The little punks and punkettes have an attention span about as long as their little finger, with an iq to match!! Tell them to go outdoors and do shit instead of sitting in front of that tv!! Maybe the preteens can play with their $300 cell phones or something!!


Outraged_Richard said...

"I see some stress leaking out from people."

Speak for yourself.