Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello summer!

Check out this. What a way to kick off the summer sol. This is in the Austrian Alps. Pretty neat looking. When I lived in Europe, I grew to appreciate the fact Europeans with thrown down a fest for just about anything. Springfest, Summer solstice, Octoberfest, Hrvest fest, Fasching, whatever the occasion there can be or already is a fest. The main point is to get out and join arms with the other villagers, sing and be merry. Or sit around and talk about how the old fest was harder but more rewarding and the new fest is a shadow of its former self. But talk like that comes after a few beers. Anyway I am getting carried away because I went and got a 12 pack of Sol beer and made shelves in my garage all weekend. On Saturday, I did take note of where the sun came up and went down on my horizon around my house for vegetable and gardening tips. Alright look closer at those mountain fires.
Pretty neat stuff huh? What did you do for this fresh new season we are starting now?


~Heather~ said...

Today all I done was check the garden. Saturday we went to a park wasn't as great as we figured and we celebrated for our anniversary that is all... Pretty lame of us huh?? lol
Happy Summer!!

Butterfly said...