Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poems from Emily Dickinson.

In this short Life by ED

In this short Life
That only lasts an hour
How much -- how little -- is
Within our power

This is one of the many shorties that ED wrote that I get the most. These little poems of hers is one of the foundations of my writings. Sure I haiku a lot, but before that became a cornerstone in my writing, I was trying to write like ED. Another thing that gets me is her how. I know you saying what? How she puts the right words in the right spot. Good words. The right words. Complicated words, but simple words. Or the random capitalization is something else I love. Her poems remind me of the layered reading you can do online now. Like in this poem, the word Within. Cap on w, a big powerful letter telling us the within is important. Damn it, now I am waxing all poetic and have to get back to work. Talk about confusion Wednesday...

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