Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes there are signs...

Three cheers for Cali. Equal Marriage for everyone involved is the way to go. Seriously, hetros have like better than a .500 average for divorce, its not like the "sanctity" of marriage means much to over half the people that try it. Thats harsh, I know, but I stand by it. Either way I don't feel gay people should be discriminated against for who they love. Thats whacked man. So it was with anticipation that at 5:01 Pacific Time my wife and I found ourselves staring at the clock on the cable box like it was New Years Eve. We were celebrating with thousands upon thousands of people at that moment. And it was good. Gay people are going through their suffrage movement. They will see unprecedented equality in my lifetime. Like women and black people before them. I am glad I got to watch this piece of history play out. It will be something if there is a rush of gay people move to Cali and the influx of money from the marriages saves the economy and that becomes the model for economic recovery. I guess Nebraska would go broke. New York and Florida would be fine. Delaware too. But there were signs that this is good. First as 5:01 hit, I was eating rainbow sherbert when my wife and I toasted a celebration with my sherbert and her chocolate chip cookie. Then about 15 minutes later, there was a perfect rainbow in our front yard. I am talkin full on arch from ground to ground. It was there about 10 minutes. Seriously how many times do you see a perfect rainbow? And 15 minutes after one of the most populous states allow a rabid minority to do something they have be wanting for, in some cases, a lifetime? Coincidence? I think not. Just a sign somethings are with good timing.

So all you haters out there, move on to another issue. Actually, to be done with this issue, what needs to happen is government should be taken out of the marriage process. Allow churches to issue the license and marry who they want. It would be up to the government to regulate the transfer of property and all the crazy laws that come with that. If you belong to a church that doesn't want or allow gay marriage, fine you can have that, but be tolerant of other views, cause they are letting you have your hatin views. Haters. There will be plenty of churches lining up to marry all the gay people that wish to embark on that journey. Just like there will churches that will shut their doors to that opportunity to increase their flocks. Oh well, you live and die by what you believe, right?

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