Monday, November 5, 2007

Children of Men...a brief movie review.

Okay where do I start. First I waited to watch this film for sometime because some critic somewhere said it was Blade Runner of the 21st century. Well that pissed me off cause BR is one of the movies that sci fi was built on. Has there been a movie that ripped off by other sci fi films? I don't know. But that is an argument for another day. I guess I am glad for watching Children of Men. At first I was not impressed with the story and where it was going. The cinimatography was what kept me involved for awhile, but the story go rolling after about 45 minutes. When you think about it, the plot is terrifying. It's 2027 and its been 18 years since a child was born, then comes a girl who is pregnant. The dude in the poster, Clive Owen is the character that is thrust into the roll of saving her and delivering her and her baby to the smart people. Like most thrillers, this story is set at the point hope begins, which means the movie is pretty damn depressing. If your looking for killa special effects, this aint it. But it is a pretty realistic look in the future. Scary political terrorist fighting scary political governments. The story ends in this concentration camp type setting that produces some of the best action put to film. A lot of hand held camera shots. There is even this one point where the camera has some blood smack the lens and they keep it rolling for a couple of minutes. Puts you right there. I found myself all tense. And if a movie does that, its done its job. Would I watch it again, sure. That is about as good a compliment you can give a flick. So go rent it or catch in on HBO. You will be some manner.

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Butterfly said...

i think everyone that sees this movie was effected pretty majorly in some way or another. i know when i saw it i almost could not speak for the entire rest of the night.