Monday, November 26, 2007

Really really big birds still rockin the sky... KENS 5: I-Team So last night I could not get my sleep on and was surfing the tube when I settled on the mini marathon on the History Channel called Monsterquest. I must say the teo shows I watched really got me involved. The first was about the squid around Baja Peninsula called Humbolts. Ornery little bastards them squid are. But what got me was they managed to catch a brief glimpse of a really big ass squid be attaching a camera to a little one and letting it dive to about 1000 feet. And that shit worked! Plus I have to say, squid are superbad ass. They are really smart. But I digress. The next show was about these big ass birds that are all black and have been spotted in Alaska, Indiana and Texas. Which interested me, but it really is just a giant black bird. Still they had this dude that was almost eaten by one of these giant birds and his story was compelling. Then I get in the office this morning and when I take my first break to see what is happening around the world, I read that story above from San Antonio about a big ass black bird. Just kinda creepy. Enjoy!

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