Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scientists find fossil of enormous bug - Yahoo! News

Scientists find fossil of enormous bug - Yahoo! News And big it is. Giant in fact. How big? Some are estimating around 8 feet long. Makes sense that they would get that big if predators were still trying to get their act together. Still is is a coincident that this discover was made the same day Tremors gets released in a special box edition with all 4 movies? Coincidence? I think not! By the way, when the hell did they make 3 sequels to that movie? WTF? Where have I been?


o w grant said...

I saw that thing on the news last night, and I was of two minds.
My first reaction was axcitement and awe. Then, eeeewwwwwwww!

Its only a matter of time until they discover cave paintings of raid.

TomCat said...

Hey Wit, You're missing all the fun with the Barrell/Albero thing. I've got major pc problems so I need your help to take up some of the slack! Thanks!