Monday, November 26, 2007

For the love of the History.

Well well, hope you all had a good turkey day. It was pretty good at our house. We had friends, family, countrymen from the past, present, and future with us. We got the Christmas tree up and it looks spiffy and all of our shopping is done for Christmas. ALL OF IT. It isn't all wrapped, but give us another week or two. I hope your jealous....

What a quirky day in history. Kinda anyway. Like for instance in 1716, the first lion to be exhibited in America went on display in Boston, MA. That is pretty cool. That is way before the American Revolution and all that. I guess it goes to show that as a people we are way more preoccupied with entertaining ourselves than governing ourselves. So bring on the lions!

In 1832, public streetcar service began in New York City. Killa huh? And just look at the evolution of it all! Isn't the NY transit system the jewel of the country? I know, I know it could be worse. I rag on the public transportation system in this country because I lived in Germany and used the public transportation for a year. I must say, European public trans is the shinizzle. I never had any issues with any bus or train in any of the countries I went to. User friendly, tourist friendly, easy to read charts and maps, just a good service.

Other than West Va telling Va to take a flying leap for sticking up for slavery, thats about it for the day. Quirky? Maybe not, but its monday people. MONDAY!

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Butterfly said...

don't forget mr. hendrix's birthday today. :)