Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Monday Monday....but its a Wednesday.

Thats right. My head is all fucked up. Right now I think that its monday. Of course it is Wednesday and my internal compass is just screwed cause I total think it is Monday. I can't complain cause I just had two 4 day weekends back to back. Fucking A. So I am rested and ready to roll. I have been at work an hour and have lowered the boom on a couple of these bitties already. Which aint a bad thing. We got a few girls and I mean immature girls runnin around here that need some attitude adjustment. Being a happily married man with no agendas, its fun to tell it like it is. Watching egos pop and deflate like some many dreams on Ventura Blvd. Alright back to the mix...

I usually don't pimp other peoples shit, but since I do fancy my history, I want to pimp some shit from The History Channel(THC). I have had all kinds of time to watch the tube these past holidays and came away with a different view about THC. I used to watch THC all the time, but you can only see Hitlers Henchmen so many times before your like, dude there has to be some other events in history of interest other than WWII. Personally I think WWI is way more interesting, but WWII has all the alive vets and tv footage and WWI doesn't so we get WWII overload. Hey THC give a shout out to all the Korean vets sometime! Or Vietnam. I hate to say it, but Iraq has left us jaded enough to actually talk about Vietnam now. So lets get it on. See if your into politics, you have to know your wars or your foreign policy as the up an ups like to call it. But throw all that out. THC has finally pulled its head out of its collective war arse and started to look at other aspects of history. Like tonight. There is a show I have been watching for like a month now called Monster Quest and that shit is interesting. You should check it out. They take the usual schtick about whatever monster and do their own thing in the area of research. The show about those Humbolt Squid was killa. But you should watch it cause it looks at stuff with modern up to date techniques. THey actually caught a giant squid on tape with this long shot of an idea they cooked up. So the stuff they are trying gets results. They also have been pumpin up a show on The Weather Channel called "When Weather Changed History that looks good. So be on the look out for that.

As for history today, in 1983, the final edition of Garry Trudeau’s comic strip, "Doonesbury", appeared in 726 newspapers. "Doonesbury" began running again in September 1984. How freakin tragic would that have been if Trudeau never picked up the pen again? How in the hell would I have gotten through the 80's or 90's? Man I have read a lot of Doonesbury over a bowl of cereal.

Peace amigos. Have a fruitful Wednesday.

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