Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Superbowl Ever.

I myself being a life long and die hard Steelers guy had nothing riding on last night game. Other than the fact that if the Pats lost, they shouldn't be considered best dynasty ever, the Steelers run of 4 in 6 is it. These Pats are better than that early 90's Dallas crew, but only by reaching the big show one more time. Hey I still think what the Bills did by going to 4 straight is one of the greatest achievements ever. All that crap aside, that game last night was freaking awesome. I am really conflicted cause I feel so good those Giants pulled that out of their backsides. Upsets are echoed through out eternity. Broadway Joe anyone? I love the fact the Pats fell short. And how cool is it that brothers are back to back MVP? Dude that 3rd down play with Eli seeming down, bustin loose and letting it rip. Giants lore. Hell Superbowl lore. And that catch. And that sack of Brady after that. Another aspect of the game I loved was how much Brady got hit. Dude got beat down. So its with guilt that I feel so celebrant about this victory, not because Brady got beat, but because I am so happy for a team other than my Steelers.

Thanks Giants. Thanks for the best Superbowl I can remember.

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