Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

How long have we been waiting for this? Today is supposedly the deciding day. The big show down. After today, we could be waving goodbye to a potential presidential prospect or two. I think after today, you will see Mitt on the way out. That leaves the Republicans who lurk on the far right in a bind. All those moral majority voters hate John McCain. All I can say is GOOD FOR THAT! Back in the day, I was all about the McCain effort. Then I saw he lay down to the bully tactics of the incoming Bu$hco regime and that kind of made me lose interest in the guy. I mean 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton and he lets that frat boy put the smack down on him? WTF? I mean is there a hotter head in politics than McCain? He should have raged on Bush back then. Straight Talk Express to the forehead chop! So that the Republican field.

Dems. BO or The Hill. Both are terrifying prospects to the right. Not as terrifying as McCain, but still its the other party. And seeing how Republicans are wired like terminators from the future to destroy Sarah Conner, they want to destroy all political enemies in like manner. I have no idea how this is going to shake out. SOme polls have The Hill up 10% on BO and others have BO up by 13%. These polls were conducted on the same day in the same state. You tell me. All I know is the entire world is watching this political race. It is incredibly interesting to watch. The drama, the freakin drama. Without a doubt the best blog for dems is My DD.com. It is one of the oldest blogs and its all about polls and what not. Paradise for a political junkie. That is the blog where Markos from DailyKos got his start. He used to be this commenter that got people riled up. Ahh the good old days before everyone knew who he was.

Alright. Keep watching for results. I will post up any articles I dig on today. Or any thoughts I have. I know I haven't waded into politics on this site as much as my interest is in the field and I am sorry for that. As much as I read and study this crap, you would think I would have expressed more of an opinion on it. That will change from here on out.

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