Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Day After Next...

Wow, the Obama ground machine has the GOTV machine kickin. They put on an impressive display of strength yesterday that sent a couple of messages. First to The Hill, you are no longer the front runner. Get used to 2nd place from here on out. And how ironic she is hanging her hopes on Texas. And Ohio. Two states that need to stay away from the national political scene for awhile. Seriously, are you gonna leave something like this up to Texas again? WTF? I think that is why Obama put the foot on the gas and slammed the primaries yesterday. He created this turning point.
Second, McCain is in trouble when polled against BO. That will probably not get any better. McCain will get a fresh dose of fairly progressive politics.

There is one other development that caught my attention. Donna Edwards ousted AL Wynn. This is another turning point in politics and many never saw the importance of it. Chris Bowers says it best,
the new primary voters who are coming out for Barack Obama are also going to result in the first progressive displacement of a centrist, corporate, congressional Democrat via a primary in years. This it it. This is what we have been working for and building for. This is our emerging majority. We finally have the organization, and the voters, and the whole ball of wax. The movement has thoroughly come of age.

Progressives have been working building a political machine these last few years. When they find a established party member who isn't playing by the rules they go after them. And until now they haven't been able to unseat any of them. Until now. The game is changing amigos.

Can not wait until the general election. I get all geeked up for the process.

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