Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alternative Energy Gets BIG.

Check out the 16m blade that is going to be submerged underwater off the coast of Ireland. There will be two of these giants getting churned be the tides. The rotation on the blades will be 10 to 20 revolutions per minute. I guess the big question is how much of an impact will these have on marine life? I would say not much. Fish are some nimble creatures. Whales wouldn't get close to this. I imagine this things makes vibratons and sounds that many a fish or marine species will avoid. But who the hell am I? Certainly not a marine biologist, so we will let the experts look at that. I am sure there will be a study of the impact of this thing.
All that being said, I like it. I had been looking at some companies from Japan and Austrailia that were toying with tidal and wave generation energy sources, but nothing that could get the watts. All the ideas were to passive. Or if it seemed like it could work from an untested thoery point of view, the machine would have to be very very large. Not that the SeaGen isn't big, cause it is, and thats why it looks like it will work to me. It takes the best of the large wind tubines and gives them predictable energy output with the tides. That is the downer to wind, you never know when its going to blow. Tides are a different story. Plus these twin turbines are big enough to power a 1000 homes. And from what I have been looking at, these are the prototype. The small guys. If this works out, you will see a bunch of energy farms like this. Marine Turbines is saying if everything works out with the SeaGen project, they can have a 10Megawatt farm up and running in 3 years. That is power for about 9000 homes. Thats pretty freakin good for tidal generation. Hydro is where its at amigos. I have had a hard on for hydropower for some time. I think there is a way to produce electrcity for practical household cunsumption with roughly 500 to 1000 gallons of water, but that is a post for another time. I really need to work on the specs on that.

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