Friday, June 1, 2007


I am now a witness. See when the whole Lebron James thing started to go down, I didn't want to like the guy. I admit I thought of him as I did every other kid jumping straight to the NBA- spoiled, brass, ingnorant. That changed cause of the little things I saw over time. One of the first things that I remember that made me think different about LJ was when he was beening interviewed after practice once, before he started to speak, he stopped to take the gum out of his mouth. Now I know that seems trivial, but it speaks a lot about the character in him. So I started to watch.

Now I have been watching sports since the 80's, seriously watching them, not just keeping up with what goes on. I never got to involved in watching the NBA or basketball in general until I joined the army. I spent many a cold winter night in the army watching college or NBA hoops. And these cats were from Detriot, New York, Texas and what not. Just hangin out with them, you pick up a lot. That was the start of the Jordan era. Da Bulls. It was exciting, it was sexy, it was what everyone was watching. I never felt that in the NBA since. Not even when 45 came back and did it again. Nothing like those first 3.

Last night I tuned in to the Game 5 between the Pistons and Cavs. I watched a guy take over a game and by himself beat down a really good team. A good defensive team. James made long shots, impossible shots. Need a 3, bang got it. He was triple teamed, still delivered. It was his will that won that game. The determination not to lose. And it was all left on the court. Scored the last 25 points and the last 29 out of 30. Nothing else compares in the last few years. That was electric.

So if you haven't watched, you should. LeBron is the real deal. Become a witness.

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Oceanshaman said...

Heard about it on NPR, but didn't get to see it, as I rarely stay up that late . . .

Sounds pretty impressive, I must say, even to one such as myself who isn't much for hoops . . .