Friday, June 8, 2007


Okay, as most of you know, I am the father of a 19 month old girl. She loves cartoons and so do I. I have always watched them. Even in adult life. Well she is all about The Goodnight Show on the Sprout channel. We watch it every night. I don't get down with all the cartoons, The Berenstain Bears is weak, so is Make Way for Noddy. Whats up with Noddy anyway? He needs to grow a pair. Big Ears isn't like Noddy. But there are a few really good shows. Sagwa rocks and Jakers! The adventures of Piggly Winks kicks ass. The characters are Piggly, Ferni, Dannon, and Molly. These guys are the Seinfeld of the toodler set. I admit it that I have invested to much internal memory to that show, but its so damn cute. Plus there are a ton of shows, we have been watching for like 4 months and seen like 5 repeats. But the show takes place on a farm in the 1950's or abouts there in Ireland. Ferni steals the show. But the town they are near is Tara, pornounced like tar with a uh on the end. They play in the castle ruins every now and again. I never really thought that there was this town named Tara with ruins in it, but guess what, there is. Here is an article talking about a situation the castle ruins are in. oooo Jenny mac! Apparently they want to build a highway through there. WTF? This is the place of the Irish high kings from back in the day. Not only that how the hell am I supposed to explain to my kid that we can't visit Tara in the future cause the castle remnants she wants to see are a freakin highway? Those daft Irish better get this shit straighted out.


Caughtit said...'ve gone Major League!! A post on Joey's site!! You must be so proud!

TomCat said...

Yes, it's funny that Joe is warning people not to open your blog in front of children, compared to some of the pictures he has posted and his rude comments. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I was once the father of a 19 month old girl.She is now 19 years old.The best and only thing that we as parents should do is to educate them ourselves.It all starts at home.If your family is a two parent family,I suggest that the main "breadwinner",be it the husband or the wife,bring home the "bread" so to speak.If that is not enough,then the second "breadwinner" should get a part time job that does not interfere with the upbringing and education of our chilren.After all,they are the only ones we as inhabitants of this lonely orb can
can uh can.oh hell i lost my train of thought;whatever-the 3 stooges rock.