Friday, June 22, 2007

A Mexican American to be proud of...

As for those of you that personally know me, you know I can't get enough of stories like the story of CMOH recipient Alfred Rascon. I served with many latinos. From all over too. El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican, and a guy from Nicaragua. The usual story is money. The Army is a good gig if you got no bills. Like one big rollin party. Kinda like college without the books. Anyway I digress, I read a lot about MOH winners when I was in. It was easy, they are remembered all over. You know if your unit has had a MOH winner in it. They have a spot for them somewhere in the CQ. This is just a snippet of Mr. Rascon's story
Disregarding his own life and his numerous wounds, Specialist Rascon reached and covered him with his body absorbing the blasts from the exploding grenades, and saving the soldier's life, but sustaining additional wounds to his body. While making his way to the wounded point squad leader, grenades were hurled at the sergeant. Again, in complete disregard for his own life, he reached and covered the sergeant with his body, absorbing the full force of the grenade explosions. Once more Specialist Rascon was critically wounded by shrapnel, but disregarded his own wounds to continue to search and aid the wounded. Severely wounded, he remained on the battlefield, inspiring his fellow soldiers to continue the battle. After the enemy broke contact, he disregarded aid for himself, instead treating the wounded and directing their evacuation.
Go read the whole article. It's worth it. It really makes you think about what you are made of.


Hadley said...

You know you are in the presence of a MOH recipient (I dislike the term MOH "winner"-they don't "WIN" it the EARN it)

...when you see an officer throw a salute to a EM (or junior officer).

A genral with class will come to attention, and snap of a smart salute to THE Medal.

Wit: Thanks for the post. WEll done!

Historical Wit said...

Is that you? I would like to read about it.

I agree that winner is a weak way of putting that.

Still you got my curiosity, if you were awarded the MOH could you email me with your name so I can read about it? will not disclose anything. Thanks.