Monday, June 11, 2007

Joe Albero Licks Balls. Part II

Hey there Joey boy! Glad to see you stop by from time to time. I bet you were surprised to see your name and lickin balls up there in print. Well I guess you weren't, that shit is all over the internet anyway. My Joey Licks Balls campaign has raised awareness to the plight of your dry tounge and the want it has for moist, sweaty balls to refresh it's taste buds. So your welcome there. The summer shall not be that dire for you now. Anyway I would thank for for jackin up my stat counter, but I dont care about the numbers, like you I use it to see who came to say hi. Also like your little meter, it probably only gets like 300 hits a day. It's okay, you don't have to rage my man. God didn't bless all of us with literary skills, some of us are just better at manufacturing crap and some people are better ar writing crap.

I loved the write up on me! But you will do better to beat up on me a little more. You should have put up the history of why I think you lick balls. See you wrote a tiny half assed article, well not really that either...its just lame. You should have noted that I have been on your ass in the online world for what 2 years now? Calling you names, pointing out your short comings, in short being a pain in your ass. But I gave up on that a long time ago. You're just a ball licker and thats really all I got to say about that. Plus its a way childish thing to do and that probably gets to you more than anything. See I could sue you for something, and you would be fine with that. Bring it on right? Mr. deep pockets wants to flex his nutz on the peasants right? But that aint no fun is it? No challange breaking up families is there? SO you want a mayor on your mantel and you just might get it, or she could walk away and deprive you of the one thing you want to blow your inflated ego wad of man juice on...the mayor being defeated in the election by someone you back. See you have a loud voice and a good flock of sheep, but you're pathetic at politics. And thats ok, that is what they have college and universities for. Go take that fortune you have and invest in you mind you IDIOT!. Of course you will.

Well have a nice day Joey. I can't say it's been fun cause talking to you or about you is like masturbating with a cheese grater, slightly amusing but mostly painful.

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TomCat said...

Great Post! And you are not the only one who could sue Joe. I'm putting together a list. For him to make comments that you are uneducated is insane as we all know you are continuing your education while raising a family. Right now Joe is pissed at the Daily Times for allowing comments about him. I hope it continues,my he will see how it feels. Keep up the good work of defending the unrich and unobnoxious!