Monday, January 22, 2007

An ingenius drunk?

Trapped drunk rang out SOS on church bell

A drunk man who fell asleep and got trapped inside a church rang out SOS in morse code with the bell.

When the man awoke in St Faith's Church in Havant, near Portsmough, he found the doors locked.

Reportedly worried about ghosts, he started ringing out the morse code for SOS on the church bell, reports Portsmough Today.

As dusk began to fall, he was still ringing for his life but eventually a local resident realised something was wrong.

He alerted two Police Community Support Officers who, in turn, contacted church verger Vicki Mockford who came to the rescue.

She said: "I was called by police saying someone was using the bell as a sign they were trapped.

"When we found him inside he told us he went into the church to have a sit down but fell asleep. He told the police he had been drinking which may have made him a bit dozy.

"He looked quite embarrassed about the whole incident when we found him. Maybe after this he might consider taking up bell ringing as a hobby."

You know there is a bunch of smart ass shit you could say about this, but damn it it worked didn't it?

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