Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So it really begins....

Last night I had my first graduate class. It was like going to school all over again. Yeah you just read that dumb shit. The classroom was one of my favorites in this old ass building. Nothing like a history class in a dank ass smelling building. So needless to say I was in my element. I was a bit confused in the beginning cause I thought the class was graduate only, but when I walked in and saw like 25 undergrads, I was like hmmmmm. So there is another grad student, we didn't get to meet. After class when we had to meet with the prof, he was like "I'm a public school teacher."

I said "How nice, you must take home a lot of work?"

"Yeah, come with the job."

"Yeah I feel you, my job is service oriented so I never take home work. I'm here for the shits and giggles of it all."

Needless to say homie was like WTF? I guess its hard to imagine someone trying to get a phd in history just because. I know it sounds stupid, but there are no phd's anywhere in my family and damn it I want to be the first. If thats what motivates me, so what? Life could be worse right? Anywho I now have 5 books to read, a 25 page paper to write and one kick ass powerpoint presentation to throw down. Whats that mean to you? For all 3 of my loyal readaz that have been here since my bloggin inception some 3 years ago, they know this blog was going to be a resource for research when I was ichin to start the masters program and it will start to look like that once again. You are going to see stange posts. Pictures with captions that are written dry as hell, maybe some written research, documentation, basically all that boring shit that one does when being a scholar of history. Don't worry, there will still be the usual litany of links for strange shit, but if this reads more like work, thats cause it is.

Oh yeah in case your wondering, the subject is World War One. So I will put it out right now, if you got World War One thoughts, opinions, or even any family heirlooms that came from 1914 to 1920 (stuff like diaries or journals) contact me. Or if you have any questions. What ever, all I am sayin is join the conversation if you want.

Peace out mis amigos.

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ShoreNative said...

Good Luck, sounds like you may know more than the professor