Friday, January 12, 2007

Princess Anne gets all preemptive on our asses.

According to this story in the Somerset Herald,
Loud noise and entertainment that promoting sexual stimulation or gratification are banned in the town limits...
which means that some sort of business that wants to sell some sort of porn was sniffing around historic Princess Anne. Thats the mindset of the people in power and that how people down here on a whole feel. So take that porno guys! Anyway its pretty funny that some of the people that are on the commission are pervs themselves. I dont really have to mention names cause if you read the aritcle and think "Wetlands", it should come back to you. So what happens to Jello wrastlin at Dilligafs now? Personally I need a better definition of what sexual gratificaiton entails. I got a friend who has a foot fetish and he gets sexual gratification from that, of course thats not entertainment, but what if Peaky's brings in a crack female wait staff from Reno specifically for the ankle and foot fetish crowd? No real nudity, but much gratification. Hmmm.

I agree with you, thats a reach, but I think the law is silly too. But thats just me, I dont have a problem with it though and understand why they passed it. Hell if they couldn't handle having a tattoo parlor, who the hell thought they would put up with porn? It was this that got my curiosity up the most tho-
Princess Anne commissioners made it unlawful to not report consensual romantic relationships between employees, elected officials or contract workers for the town...
Now think about that for a minute. Does the Town of PA really want to know that? Do they really? Okay what about this scenario. Contract worker, Mr. K, has been contracted to service the towns office equipment needs in various locations in the town. Mr. K is early 30's, outgoing, personable, and has a sexual preference for middle aged women. After 3 months of maintenance, he has started extra marital affairs with Mrs. A, Mrs. B, and Mrs. C. After this goes on for some time, someone tells Mr. K of the rule. For fear of losing his contract with the town, he goes to the commish, who incidently is married to Mrs. C., of his 9 month affair with his wife and two other women. What a bombshell on a Tuesday morning. Of course my question is how will they keep records of all this? Who will have the power to read the "dirty boy and girl" sheet? Sure its adultery and probably will end in divorce, maybe, but what happened was consensual. And if you live in Princess Anne, have lived here and know the people around here, this story could be true. Or its just that, a story. Fun stuff. Even better, what if there was a 3 way gay romance that had to be reported and people were thrown out of the cloest against their wills. Then said gay tripletts get beat down while drowning their sorrows over some beers at Peaky's. Shouldn't somebody other than the people that did the beat down be liable?

Well I am gald I live down here in Princess Anne. To quote Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, "This place is like Gone with the Wind on mescaline!"

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