Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chillin at work and shit...

Yeah it is a fucked up day at the office. I got here and my computer is shot to hell. The little bastard will not kick on. So I got jack and shit to work with. I finally stood up yelled fuck it and went home and got my laptop. So here I blog at lunch waiting for this big giant utility program I am running on our systems to complete itself.

You know what was patented today in1922? Christian K. Nelson patented the Eskimo Pie. Thanks a lot. You were on of the visionaries that set this country on the road to xxxl. Fucking cheers dude. You pioneered how to get rich of making people fat. Got morals to go with that glass of piousness? Or maybe Christian is just your name....

Personally I like to celebrate the fact that canned beer was first sold on this day in 1935. Cheers to Kruegar Brewing. Some where in Virginia if memory serves me correctly. Anyway what is the canned beer you enjoy the most? I have to stick with Guinness. Its in a can, pretty light, and tastes great. If I have to dunk my tastebuds in a domestic diva, its MGD. No preservatives means no headaches for me. Personally I am a bottle baby, unless is draught time. Or a good martini can save the night also.

Oh yeah and a quick shout out to Winston Churchill. he passed away at the age of 90 this day in 1965. That dude was a pretty diverse cat. Read up on him sometime.

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