Thursday, January 10, 2008


First I just want to point out on this day in 1776 Thomas Paine released Common Sense. The original best seller here in the colonies. Check it out. It is as important as it was when it first came out.

Power. Some dudes crave it. Take Joe Albero for example. Here is a guy with the intelligence level of a 3rd grader. Seriously. He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. Just read his blog. It will become painfully clear he could give a shit less about correct grammar or the rules of the English language. But hey thats cool, people can be as ignorant as they want. It's their life. For all of you coming here from other parts of the world, this cat Joe Albero is a cyberterrorist. Plain and simple. He has spent the last 3 years being a local poparazzi wannabe for local public officials. Doing dumb shit like following the mayor around and taking pictures of her boobs or legs and thighs. They when the mayor makes a policy decision, this yardturd throws up a stock photo of the mayor with hard nipples or something like that. Basically throwing a public hissy fit on his only source of power, his blog. Also for background, this dipshit has deep pockets and threatens to sue anyone that...anyone that...well he just threatens to sue anyone. So what you got is a wannabe transplant from NY with money, lots of time on his hands, and a driven desire to be in the company people with power even if he has to buy his way in. And boys does he brag about it. He knows so and so, he is the sheriffs best friend, etc, etc. He would make a great case study because its not often you see someone with the intelligence level of Forest Gump milk so much influence from a blog. But he can't buy his way into the situations I find myself in.

In my line of work I come in close contact with many delegates, senators, lawyers, judges, basically any public official you can think of for the state of Maryland. On Tuesday, I had a meeting with a MD state senator, former state Attorney General, current mayor for 20 plus years of a small eastern shore town, former mayor of another town, and a former MD delegate. Then there was me. Like I say, my job puts me in some interesting conversations with people who can pull some serious strings. The bitch of it is I am a political junkie anyway so when I get in one of these positions, I can't help but drop a good question here or there. Yeah these cats got down to business and then chatted about MD politics for like 25 minutes. I learned a lot. Like being a fly on the wall. Joe Albero eat your freakin heart out. You couldn't buy a seat in that room. And I didn't see you around Annapolis yesterday? But thats cool cause your a Delaware resident, why should you care what happens in Maryland?

Anyway I wasn't trying to make an specific point other than Joe Albero thinks he has power, but in the scope of serious politics, he aint shit. There is a shift in the political winds in this country and the brand W politics of bullying people isn't going to be as accepted as it has been since the 1990's. Serious politicians that align their campaigns with sexists, bigoted, myopic muckrakers will pay the price at the polls. Take heed Andy Harris.


Anonymous said...

Common sense in gov't? Oh, the good old days!I do not go to that certain blog that you mention.The last two times that I did it "crashed" my computer.I have no idea what the hell is going on over there, but I ain't goin' there and I could care freakin' less. As far as how rich he is...says who? Says He.I have more money under my mattress than he could ever hope to amass.Says who? Says Me.And NOBODY has more time on their hands than I do.Check out any blog that has not barred me and you will read tons of comments that I have written.One last thing,I have no desire to be friends or enemies with any sheriff or mayor. And,I certainly don't want to see either in a cold room without a bra.Thanks for not barring me from your blog- signed, anonymous.

straight shooter said...

Great post Wit. Unfortunately all the power, money, blog hits and whatever else Albero says he has will be of little consequence when he is 6 feet under. If the dude doesn't quit talking smack, I feel that will be sooner rather than later.