Monday, January 21, 2008

A determined and grity Monday....

Hells yeah. I am being persistently happy today. See I am the lone male in a female dominated office. The owner of the business is male also, but he can't be counted as an employee. And after a great weekend with the family unit, I roll up on a bunch of bitter, dissatisfied bitches. So I say fuck it. I am going to be the lone reed standing up to the harsh winds of pestilence. It's all Thanks yous and whistling while you work for me. Hopefully that shit will catch on and these bitties will change their ways.

Well there aint much other to say about today other than its MLK Jr. day. What a man. MLK a lot of different things to many a different person. I wasn't born when King was doing the great many a things that made him the memory he is. I learned about all that in college, which I can say was a good thing, because I was old enough to understand and appreciate what I was reading. I was so appreciative of the fact I was way older than everyone around me in college. I took it way more serious and for better or worse I studied what I wanted to. Consequently my degree has courses that range from history and art to physics and geography. Not to mention my love of poetry. But I don't care cause I studied what I wanted to. I never thought I could get a degree and study shit I wanted to. But there I was, tailoring a degree in the things that gave me a hard on: Cathedral architecture, poetry, astronomy, social history, greek mythology, egyptian mythology, theology, philosophy, war. What ever I could take, you know? Anyway, the civil rights movement was of keen interest to me because I knew so little about it. I got into it and learned about SCLC and SNCC, the marches in the south and Chicago in 66. I learned about his fight against poverty and his opposition to war. I read about how he received inspiration from Gandhi and Bayard Rustin. I learned so much. Could have learned more but the fucked up, self serving, avarice in this country made sure Mr. King never lived to see the 1970's. See I miss MLK because who in the hell in todays politics or our social fabric is inspiring people to study philosophy or seminary? Where is our guiding lights? I read that historians are worried that people are forgetting MLK. They should worry because people are. Kids, and when I say kids thats anyone under 30, these days don't care. Never will cause their freedom was handed to them securely. Never had to fight a system to get it. That lesson was the burden of Dr. King's generation. I love our history, but I want some new icons to stand up. Be recognized. Some one to freakin inspire me. And I know I am not the only one. There is a discord in this country, a great unsettled something just waiting to be jolted to life. Everyone feels a bit dirty and we are waiting for someone to lead us to a cleaner life. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

Westminster Abbey. You may have heard of it. It's this little church in England. Many people don't know this, but MLK Jr. has been memorialized on the wall of 20th century Christian martyrs above the Great West Door with a statue. There he is with 9 other martyrs who's names you would not recognize because they are from other regions in the world. . MLK is the second one from the left, actually from left to right its Mother Elizabeth of Russia, Martin Luther King, Jr., Archbishop Oscar Romero, Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. So do something today to remember the fight, the cause, the unfinished business we have as Americans that Dr. King left us. And please, visit Westminster Abbey's website for some killa visuals of one kick arse church.


Butterfly said...

beautiful post, wit.

good look with all the bitches. i, myself would be lumped into the 'bitch' category, but i can't STAND working with other women, as i do as well. all the gossip and the sound of cackling hens. ugh.

happy mlk day!

Historical Wit said...

Thanks for the comment. No worries about my hens. I keep em in order. My overbearing happiness is killin them today.