Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning Sky Alert for Feb 1st.

Set your alarm for dawn. On Friday morning, February 1st, Venus and Jupiter converge in the southeastern sky less than 1 degree apart. It's a spectacular view worth waking up early to see: sky map.
When I got up this morning I saw this and was like "wow, those are cool." Check it out.


AuroraSkye said...

Oh how absolutely beautiful!!!!!! I LOVE Astronomy events -- TY so much for bringing this to our attention! :-D

(AuroraSkye waving "Hi!")

Historical Wit said...

Me too. I always try to point out these events so my peeps can experience some oneness with universe.

Butterfly said...

um, is that the view from your house?

god, i'm so jealous.

Historical Wit said...

I wish! No I live in the flat coastal lands of Maryland. We got ant hills for mountains. I got that pic from Great site, check it sometime.