Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was a teenage dirtbag.

Yes its true. But those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. And I did. I think. Back in the day, January 17th, 1961 to be specific, in his farewell address, war hero, statesman, and President Eisenhower warned of the rise of the military-industrial complex. Well said Mr. Eisenhower. What vision you had. Now we are a country riddled with a love of our military-industrial complex. Look at this country and our love of guns. Pistols, Gats, guns, sawed off, whatever. We are shown how to use guns at an early age. Hell I watch the kids across the street play war two or three times a day. Them little hellions are always shooting each other with some sort of projectile. And they get into it. When guns can't decide the day, they break out swords and battle axes and beat the shit out of each other. The point I am trying to make is these kids are 7 and have already developed the proper positions for aiming weapons at the enemy. Does that do anything? Maybe. I mean I used to play guns in the woods and shit with my friends. We even got in some paint ball action but we really on the cusp of that. We were pretty dumb and would shoot bb guns at each other. It really only hurt really bad when you got shot in the eye. Or the neck. I think the neck was the worst. Its like getting slapped with a tree branch. Just fuckin hurts man. But I digress, all that toy gun play made it a lot easier to join the army. Then I got to play with real guns and explosives. And that was cool. I mean I shot a lot of shit up in the army. So much so I can't hear a damn thing now. Stupid ass machine guns are loud bitches man. Especially that damn .50 cal. But looking back now with a good amount of learning under my belt, it all seems like an elaborate recruiting mechanism to get the young ones that are easily distracted by the promise of cash, adventure, and structure. Should any of that surprise us? I think not. Every business has to recruit its playas somewhere. The military competes with everyone else for the same talent pool. I dont know really. But when you look back at what people like Ike were trying to say, well you understand it a little better after some time passes.

But can this country survive without its military-industrial complex(mic)? I mean when you get right down to it, mic is all about weapons. We sell weapons to just about everyone in the world. Weapons. Thats what we are all about. Do you know who sells more guns than anyone in this country? Wal mart. Why? Money. Its just that simple. Weapons sell, at any level. Kids get the plastic variety, grown ups get the real deal. And what else do you need for your weapon? Accessories. Ammo, holsters, harnesses, cleaning kits, more ammo, targets, licenses, trade shows, etc, etc. Its a billion dollar industry folks. It aint goin nowhere. The mic does get complex. Makes sense why so much corruption surrounds the mic and the politicians who are enthralled by this beast. Look at Cheney, or Duke Cunningham. But thats just white men who can't handle the power given to them. Thats the beauty of our country, just hang out long enough and shit will change on you. People who were the high and mighty will get tossed out and a new group will get the chance to show up.

But do we get any benefit from this mic we have nurtured into a global economy? I guess. After inventions have served their purpose, they are turned loose on the public. Look at plastic. It still leaves plenty of questions. What happens when civilians start jetting into space? Until now that has been a governmental play ground, but with billionaires being bored, all that shit will change. Personally I don't think we will ever be without a mic from no on. But I would like to see more benefits come from it. What we really need to do is focus on controlling our aggressions as a people. Then we wouldn't have to worry so much about getting shot on the sidewalk. But a good write on aggression would take all day folks. And I just ain't got the time for it right now, but we will have that talk one day.

Peace out my thursday rough riders. Git some. Git some.

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Anonymous said...

In 1961,I was seven years old.I played "army" with my friends and played with plastic "army men".I loved my Sgt. Saunders machine gun.I "killed" my fair share of the "enemy" with that olive green, camouflaged "son of a bitch".Ten years later, with the Viet Nam War still being waged,I enrolled in college for more than one reason.One reason was the college deferment.One last thing: I have never fired a real gun in my life and I was born on Delmarva.I guess that I am an aberration!